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Residency and vehicle ownership proof

Proof of residency and vehicle ownership

  • Documentation is valid for 2 years. You will be notified close to expiration to re-submit.
  • It takes up to 5 days to approve documents, in the meantime you will be charged standard rates.

Required documentation

  1. Proof of residency
    1. Clear copy of a current Council Tax Bill for the application address
    2. One other of the following documents, showing the applicant's name and address:
      • A bank or credit card statement no more than 3 months old
      • Utility Bill (gas, electric or water bill but not a mobile phone bill) no more than 3 months old
      • An Income Support Book or Housing Association Rent document
      • Applicant's Driving Licence
  2. Proof of ownership
    • Vehicle V5 document (Registered Keeper) that shows that the vehicle is registered to the application name and address
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You can upload the documents later by logging into your account. Please note before documents are approved you will be charged a standard rate for crossing.
Send clear A4 copies of documents to : Dart Charge PO Box 842 LEEDS, LS1 9QF